Acton U - Day 2

Today was, by my experience, the better of the two days we've had so far at Acton University. It's always a little difficult to jump right into things on the first day after travelling the entire previous day and while you're still trying to get used to schedules and where classes are.

Out of today's lectures Dr. Morse's were the best I attended. I won't bother recapping things here since you should really give her lectures a listen to (assuming of course they show up on Acton's site later on). I will say, though, that the homosexual marriage debate really emphasizes, first of all, how libertarian the views of Americans have come. We've always been a pragmatic leaning culture, but pragmatism sans any robust religious norms makes for morally dry public debate. As I've said elsewhere, sometimes the most effective arguments we have for discussions of behavior in this country is "eeewwwww!" Secondly, it shows how much we've already given up in the marriage realm. Beginning in '68 with no-fault divorce becoming the norm, marriage was already being redefined by the state. In just a few years it became an overtly private matter. The only reason any one particular marriage is good is because the particular members of the marriage made it so, not because of any understanding of what marriage is.


More later on Tucker's lecture which was excellent.


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